I’ve been making wine from the amazing fruit of Stagecoach Vineyard for 16 vintages from many different varieties spanning the entire ranch. This place is so special, so beautiful, so complex, if I had to sum it up in one word it I choose ‘Mystical’. The diversity of soil and exposures, the consistency in quality, the altitude, the sheer wonder of the grand views, the aspects and meso-climates all contribute to the sense of The Mystic that one must certainly feel while walking through the vineyard tasting the fruit. I truly feel blessed to be a part of this special place in the history, the present, and the future of one of Napa Valley’s highest caliber of vineyards. Coupled with the dynamite team that Dr. Jan Krupp has assembled and their esteem attention to detail, Stagecoach Vineyard will always have a major impact on contributing to some of the world’s most renowned wines.
— Jay Buoncristiani, Winemaker at Krupp Brothers and Buoncristiani

In 1991, Dr. Jan Krupp was a successful physician with a green thumb and a passion for great wine. Although still working full-time as an internist, he spent his spare time developing his 41-acre vineyard in the eastern hills of Napa Valley, learning the intricacies of grape cultivation and making wine in his cellar.

Four years later, Jan and his brother Bart fell in love with a rugged mountain site for sale just up the road from his Napa home. Though harsh – strewn with rocks, some the size of SUVs, and choked with chaparral – he knew that the 750-acre parcel straddling Pritchard Hill and the Atlas Peak Appellation had the makings of a world-class vineyard.

Several of Napa’s elite vintners passed on the opportunity to buy this untamed land – reasoning the risks and challenges were too great. That would change when this unchartered land became one of Napa’s most renowned vineyards – Stagecoach Vineyard. But the road there wasn’t easy.

The Krupp brothers created their first wine, the Veraison Cabernet Sauvignon, in 1999. Over the years, the Krupp Brothers portfolio would also expand to include the M5 Cabernet Sauvignon, The Doctor - named for Dr. Jan Krupp, a Chardonnay, Black Bart Syrah - a nod to Bart Krupp and the legendary stagecoach robber and other limited-production wines.

Dr. Krupp in conjunction with winemaker Jay Buoncristiani, carefully select and meticulously tend a small percentage of Stagecoach Vineyard fruit for the Krupp Brothers wines.  They prize the aromas, flavors, structure, and age worthiness that the terroir of Atlas Peak imparts.

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